Since 2001 the cultural association ‘Erasmus Torino’ has worked to integrate foreign students who have moved to Turin and find themselves spending from six mounth to three years in the city. The organisation offers assistance in finding accommodation, organises relevant events, cultural trips, free Italian lessons and other cultural activities.In the last five years the global economic situation has changed a lot and in doing so it has created a series of problems for those who wish to study internationally.These economic factors, combined with the continued reduction in scholarships on the part of universities, have led to families assuming the financial burden when sending their children to study abroad.With a view to assisting the diffusion of an international culture and enabling the exchange of people through the movement of students across Europe, Erasmus Torino, has decided to offer a scholarship. It hopes to contribute in an active manner to the financing of international students by offering three scholarships in the form of the expenses reimbursements with ritenuta d’acconto of 20%”. Each scholarship is worth €500 per person, for a total of €1500.


In order to participate in this initiative you must first of all be a member of the association Erasmus Torino, you can join at our office on Via San Massimo 4 from Monday to Friday between the hours of 4pm and 8pm. The cost is 5€, for imtenational student, and €10 for italian student,by becoming a member you open yourself up to all of the associated benefits, which are listed on our website .All the membership cards carry the member’s name, a unique membership number.


The mechanism for awarding the reimbursements is based on membership of the association ‘Erasmus Torino’ through which a series of events is organised. For every event organised by the association there are points attached, ranging from 50 points to 1000 points, which can be won by participation in the events.Once the card has been issued the list of members can be accessed through the website ERASMUS TORINO , or in a facebook official page ERASMUS TORINO .By participating in the association’s events members can accumulate points which will be used to determine to whom the three scholarships should be awarded. The three members with the highest accumulation of points will be awarded the scholarships of €500 per person.

The allocation of points is only possible with a full membership card.


  • Registration: 100 points

  • Trips: 100 points

  • Italian Course : 1000 points

  • Cultural Activities: 500 points

  • Accommodation/residence: 1000 points

  • Participation in events: 50 points

  • Games: 1 – 50 points

  • Introducing a friend: 50 points

Points will only be allocated after the conclusion of the event and are made public on the website of the association ERASMUS TORINO .


The period in which points can be accumulated runs parallel to the academic year 2017/2018, more precisely from December 2017 to June 2018. Upon the conclusion of the academic year there will be a ceremony to announce the winners and award the three expense reimbursements with “ritenuta d’acconto of 20%”.The minimum number of points required in order to receive the reimbursement is 9000, without which no reimbursement can be given.

Cancellation of Points:

In order to receive points it is necessary to produce the membership card, complete with photograph, otherwise points cannot be awarded.In order to receive the membership card it is necessary to produce photo ID (driving licence, passport, student card, national identity card) in order to confirm the identity of the student. If the member can’t identify themselves in this manner points won’t be allocated.In the event of the membership card being lost or stolen a replacement can be made by visiting our offices in Via San Massimo 4, Monday to Friday between the hours of 4pm and 8pm.In the event that the person in possession of the card is different from the actual owner all points will be lost and the person in question is banned from further participation in ‘Erasmus Torino’.

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